With what going on in the world! you need to have a safe place to go.

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Part 1.

For all of you that are looking for bunkers, shelters, or bug-out places then this is for you. With Canund nation we are offering tickets for when everything goes to you and your family will have a safe place to go to.

Part 2. Travel

This is a fly-in or by boat-only area. Canund Nation has a private airfield that can hold up to 50 jets at a time.

Part 3. The Cost

We have 2 packages:

  1. A $10 Million USD donation gets you a house around 10,000 SQ FT and $2million in CNTs. This class will also get a beach from the property if they want up to an acre lot it’s available.
  2. A $5 Million USD donation gets you a house around 5,000 SQ FT and $1 million in CNTs.

Part 4. Food and Supplies

Canund Nation community will have lots of greenhouses to mass-produce food year-round using the Aquaponic system. This means fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish salmon, as well as rainbow trout. We will also have poultry, eggs, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep, lamas, horses, and Buffalos, as well as lots of wildlife such as elk, deer, moose, caribou, and lots of wild fish.

Part 5, Community Businesses

Our main business will be mass-producing food through threw Aquaponic system, and ranching. We Will also have Our main business will be mass-producing food through the Aquaponic system and ranching. We will also have a Mall, grocery stores, movie theatre, retail outlets, fishing, pool, lodge, restraint, community center, and many more to come.

Part 6. Education

We will have 5 schools from kindergarten to college with an academy for gifted children from grade 7 and up.

Part 7. Payment Options

We accept a direct deposit in Canadian or USA dollars. We also accept cheques.

Part 8. Contact Us

There are only 30 spots available if wanting a spot call Scott or text 1(306)850-5238