Land Reclaim ACT

Land Reclaim ACT under Bill C15 Indigenous ACT For Canund Nation of The First People.

59.12941- 110.01939 59.23633- 108.12411 59.40207- 107.83238 59.45764- 107.84979
59.46333- 107.27493 59.99764- 107.28030 60.00048- 108.62735 60.00066- 109.99571
In 1950 the Saskatchewan Government Removed a Cree Community Where Uranium City sits Now. This
is our ancestors’ land who are buried in the ground as well as the dozens that were killed before and
during the move. This area was once home to over 5,000 First nations people. It was all taken for the
uranium in the ground that was stolen from our land and no compensation for the theft of our property
and Minerals as well as the destruction of our natural habitat. The Community was burnt to the ground
with no compensation to any of our people. Now the area has been Abandoned for over 40 years.
Under the Bill C15 Indigenous ACT from 26.1 to 32.2 of the ACT Set out by the United Nations as well
implemented by the Federal Government. We want all our land back water rights as well as everything
sitting on the land and beneath it. This includes but is not limited to a tree, water, wildlife, fish, rocks, soil,
sand, any form of mineral in the ground or above also any structures, buildings, scrap, or tools left
behind. Canund Nation Expects this to be Switched over imminently after the reading of this ACT. We
also want Uranium City, Camsell Portage, Eldorado or what’s left of them.
When looking for proof we not only found that they had removed our community but 6 other communities.
In northern Saskatchewan.

The Name of the Community that Was Removed for Uranium City was called Repil.

Bill C15
All we want is our home back and the chance to rebuild on our heritage land. Thank you.