Canund Nation

We are the lost tribesmen and women who didn’t have a tribe to call home. Now with Canund Nation, we have a place to call home. We are also open to anyone born here in Canada who wants to accept the first nation’s way of life.

The Republic First Nation System

The Republic First Nation System Is for First Nations, to Native-born Canadians. This will be a community in Northern Saskatchewan that is being built to house thousands of people. We will have jobs for everyone going up north. We also plan to build more than one community to help save as many of our people as we can. We will be setting up one thousand plus cabins, up to twenty-five hundred Cabins, a Community Center, and schools for kids. They will be one with all main or one with two floors. The cabins will be within six hundred to three thousand square feet. We will set up warehouses that will allow the workers to produce up to fifty cabins a week per warehouse. Ten acres of aquaponic greenhouses will allow us to mass-produce fresh fish, and vegetables year-round. Ten acres with the old system will produce up to fifty thousand pounds of food daily.
We will grow or produce about ninety percent of everything we need and trade for other things we can’t grow or produce. We will have five warehouses. One will be used for the portable mill for producing the lumber for the cabins. One will be used for the eating area at first. The last three will produce cabins that will be moved to sight after they are built. One of the best things about us having our own money system. This allows us to pay people a livable wage that they can afford to pay off their house within a few years.
Thanks to Bill C15 Indigenous ACT We can reclaim our historical homelands in northern Saskatchewan. Our community was removed so they could mine uranium. They killed dozens of our people in the process. They removed us under the War measures act of WWII. Now everything has sat abandoned up there for over 40 years. This is why we need to reclaim our traditional lands and territories. This would be a great restart for our people and our nation.
Thanks to Bill C15 Indigenous ACT We can have our own economic system allowing for our own currency, growth of our own food and much more. Under the same act, we can use traditional medicines.
The definition of Native Is you are native to one’s place of birth. Anyone born in Canada is a Native Born Canadian.
We will also have stores, a shopping mall, a library, a bakery, restaurants, a laundromat, and more. We will also be using a token system for paying for merchandise when shopping, and everything to do with the money in the community. We are not the first community in Canada to use a token system. I am sure we will not be the last. Each token will be worth $10 CAD. We estimate that it will take twelve to eighteen months to build this community depending on the environment and resources available. We are privately funded by donations. This will be for all who are looking to escape what is to come.

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