We Are The Almighty Indigenous People 

Canund Nation, True Democracy & Freedom  



        Canund Nation True Democracy System Is for First Nations and Native-born Canadians. There will be a community in Northern Saskatchewan that is being built to house thousands of people. We will have jobs for everyone going up north. We also plan to build more than one community.  

       True Democracy is where people can vote for laws, local representatives, and their leader. No laws can be made by the leaders and the council, only by the people.  

       We will be setting up twenty-five hundred plus cabins, a Community Center, and schools for kids. The cabins will be anywhere from six hundred sq ft to three thousand sq ft, and consist of one or two floors. We will set up warehouses that will allow workers to produce up to fifty cabins per week, per warehouse.  

       We will build, for our people, the most amazing community centre ever built in the modern age. It will be a round structure, over 600,000 sq ft, covering over 20 acres of land. It will be held up by many traditional log poles, with one placed every ten feet around the building. It will have a solid brick foundation, beautiful marble floors, with solid wood beams holding up the ceiling, and a metal roof. There will be a 20,000 sq ft kitchen in the centre, and a beautiful front entrance with an attached deck on the lake side. The council members’ dining room will also be attached to the building, so council members can eat in peace or talk about the politics of the community. Schools will be built on the north side of the Center.

       One hundred acres of aquaponic greenhouses will allow us to mass produce fresh fish and vegetables year-round. Ten acres with the old system will produce up to fifty thousand pounds of food daily. We will grow or produce about ninety percent of everything we need, and buy the rest.

       We will be 100% green communities, with everything being reused, recycled, and run by green energy. No, I’m not talking about windmills that kill birds or solar panels for long term use. We are talking about creating alternative energy that will sustain us for many generations. I would love to tell you more, but patents are still pending. 

       We will have 10 warehouses. One will be used for the portable mill for producing lumber for the cabins. One will be used for the temporary eating area. The last eight will produce cabins that will be moved to site after they are built. We will also have 50+ barns for the livestock. 

       Even though we will be working hard to get our lands back in the far north, we are going to be buying up large amounts of farmland north of, or near, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. This will allow our great people to come together, to become one people again. We will learn from each other, and build up everyone with our strength. Buffalo Ridge will be the first community. We all voted on the name: this is how real democracy works.  

            Thanks to Bill C-15 Indigenous Act, we will one day reclaim our historical homelands in northern Saskatchewan. Our community was removed so uranium could be mined. Dozens of people were killed in the process, and we were removed in the 1950s. Everything up there has been abandoned for 40+ years. This is why we need to reclaim our traditional lands and territories. It would be a great restart for our people, and our nation. 

          Also thanks to Bill C-15 Indigenous Act, we can have our own economic system, allowing for our own currency, growth of our own food, and much more. Under the same act, we can use traditional medicines. 

          One of the best things about all this is having our own money system. This allows us to pay people a livable wage, so that they can afford to pay off their house within a few years. We are not the first community in Canada to use a token system. I am sure we will not be the last. Each token will be worth $10 CAD. We will also have stores, a shopping mall, a library, a bakery, restaurants, a laundromat, and more. The token system will also be used to pay for merchandise when shopping, and basically everything to do with the community. 

          We estimate that it will take twelve to eighteen months to build this community, depending on the environment and resources available. We are privately funded by donations.

The definition of Native is that you are native to one’s place of birth. Anyone born in Canada is a Native Born Canadian.  

         Join Canund Nation and come build with us today. Membership is free; we do have options if people would like to donate. This helps us have people process applications faster. We accept anyone born in Canada