The Economic System

The Economic System  

There is 2 ways to get CNTs 

  1. You can earn them by working your job hourly in the community.  
  2. You can use cash to buy Canund Nation Tokens from our website and the trust transfers the tokens in your account. If someone buys $100,000.00 CAD, they would receive $10,000 tokens each token is worth $10 CAD. Not this can be any amount that does not need to be 100k.  

No one can buy or sell anything in the communities with outside currencies, only Canund Nation Tokens.  

This is not a blockchain setup, this is a token network that cannot be hacked at this point and time. The network for the tokens and pay system will not be hooked to the main grid only the internal system only.  

Everyone in the communities would get one card, this would be your Id or Driver’s license, your health card, your social insurance card, Bank card for tokens, your timesheet card, and your records card. We are going to make all in one card to make it easier for people.  

Example: Joney swipes his card in to go to work. Then he swipes out for lunch, in the community center swipes the card to buy lunch. He swipes his card in and out again for the day’s work. When Joney is making 3 Tokens an hour to get payed for his time. 8 hours a day 40 hours a week. That is $120 CNTs at weeks end, times that by 4 weeks $480 CNTs a month. If he worked 56 weeks for the year $6,720 –10% for contribution fee $6,048 CNTs with $672 CNTs going to help build roads, medical and schooling for the kids. $6,048 CNTs are left over for Joney to Pay $2500 CNTs to his mortgage. If him and his wife with 2 kids eat out every day at the community center. Wit 2 tokens a day for each person to eat that’s 8 CNTS a day. This would leave Joeny with $628 CNTs at the end of the year. Also with the Utilities of $10 CNTs a month that’s $120 CNTs a year. leaving Joney with $508 CNTs at the end of the year with just one household income coming in.

To buy things in community: 

Cabin to buy $5000 Tokens to rent $50 tokens a month. If you buy a cabin and work it off it can be done within 2 years.  

Bread at $0.20 a Token 

lettuce $0.10 Token 

Tomato $0.10 of a Token  

Toothpaste $0.70 of a Token  

Pork $0.50 per pound  

Breakfast at community Center $0.50 Token 

Lunch at Community Center $0.50 Token 

Supper at the community Center $0.50 to $1 token depends on what you get from the buffet.